16 August 2013
CSM Jessup Assumption of Responsiblilty
Richard D. Jessup Command Sergeant Major, U.S. Army Garrison Fort Detrick, Maryland

Growing up in North Carolina, I was the son of a state worker and an educator who believed in hard work and discipline. With strict parents, joining the Army was an easy transition because order and authority I understood. I never thought about doing anything else. While stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C., I was promoted to Sergeant and learned to take care of Soldiers. It was then I quickly knew there was nothing else I would rather do. As I sit here as the Fort Detrick Command Sergeant Major, I want to be an executive of the NCO corps. I heard great stories about the significant contributions of Fort Detrick to this Nation, the people who work here, and the incredibly supportive community. I am really excited about being here, and I am looking forward to my time here. As I learn more about Fort Detrick and the surrounding communities, I want to be a part of making this the best community in the Army. The garrison affects the quality of life for all Soldiers, family members and Department of Army civilians, who live, work and play here on the installation and in the community. I need all leaders to help us get there. Together we must find a way to support our community by promoting and participating in events and programs such as National Night Out, Better Opportunity for Single Soldiers and the reaffirmation of our community covenant with the city and county. This is a great example of community support. It is symbolic of the partnerships and dedication among everyone to provide services and support for the military, their families and our civilian workforce. We need the strength of the community beside us, and this is a formal opportunity and signing to which we are committed.

I look forward to visiting Forest Glenn and our team supports to the Army and their community every day. I am proud to be your Garrison Command Sergeant Major, I am proud to be your partner and I am proud to be team Detrick HOOAH!!!

Posted by PAO

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