24 July 2012
Self Identification of Disability Initiative

Submitted by: EEO Office  

Disability hiring initiatives are ongoing as federal agencies work to meet the President's challenge to hire 100,000 people with disabilities over the next five years.  

The Army has a long history of supporting these initiatives, but official records may not show that.  Many employees eligible to self-identify with a disability may not know that they can update their disability status at the online MyBiz site.  

The categories of disabilities were expanded as the result of a change in the law. In addition, the President has issued an executive order requiring all federal agencies to recruit, hire, and retain individuals with all types of disabilities, not just the severe disabilities covered by the previous rules and form.  

All Army Fort Detrick employees should review and, if appropriate, update their disability code. To ensure equitable hiring practices, all federal agencies are working to update disability records and to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities, according to Sheniqua Bush, Fort Detrick Individuals with Disability Program Manager.  

"The first step for Fort Detrick is to make sure our records are up-to-date and all civilians with disabilities are able to self-identify," Bush said. "Once all current Fort Detrick civilian employees have reviewed their files and updated their disability status, then we'll be in a better position to know which direction to focus our efforts to assist in opening up opportunities."  

All Army civilian personnel are asked to review and update their disability codes in the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System. Self-identification is purely voluntary; there are no negative implications for people who self-identify. This information is being collected to help promote opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

"Its basic data that helps us ensure we're doing the right things to attract, hire and retain a diverse workforce," Bush said. "It's a fairly quick process -- takes maybe five minutes."

To update disability status, follow these steps:  

- Log in to the secure Defense Civilian Personnel Data System Portal (https://compop.dcpds.cpms.osd.mil)

- Select 'Login' - CAC - Select 'Army Region'

- Read and accept the Privacy Act statement

- Select the disability tab

- Select the magnifying glass symbol to the right of the disability code box (Note: The system will open a new window to enable you to search for and select the appropriate disability codes)

- Select the 'go' button, click on the disability bubble beside the appropriate description, and click the select button on the bottom right side of the window (Note: The disability list window will close, returning to the disability update page)

- Select the update button

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