16 February 2011
Safety Management Office looking for Safety Award nominations from Fort Detrick community

In an effort to continue to lead the nation as one of the top one percent in Safety, Fort Detrick Safety Management Office is asking again for nominations for the annual Safety Award.

Through the US Army Garrison's journey in setting a "higher standard" as the first Garrison with Voluntary Protection Program Star Site status, employees have learned that they are empowered to be a part of the safety program and are encouraged to think safety.

The VPP program encompasses management leadership and employee involvement, worksite analysis, hazard prevention and control, and safety and health training.It is through this program that the garrison has been able to decrease the number and severity of work-related accidents. Safe employees are happier employees.

All organizations activities or groups of workers that worked on controlling/mitigating risk to Fort Detrick personnel, property, equipment, and/or facility will be eligible to receive this award.  Two or more personnel, working as a group, to control risks to personnel, equipment, and/or property on Fort Detrick will constitute a group.Individuals comprising the group may be from the same activity/office/division/shop/plant/area or comprised of a mix of personnel across the installation.Nomination packages must relay actions/procedures/processes that were developed/instituted during FY10.

Nomination packages must be submitted to the Installation Safety Management Office, ATTN: Mrs. Mangrum, 1546 Porter Street no later than April 15.

Nomination packages will be reviewed and winners selected by the Installation Safety Management Office.Nomination packages must be typed, one to two pages in length is normally sufficient.The nomination package must include; the risks identified, the actions taken to mitigate/eliminate the risks, controls instituted to manage the risks, and the names of all members of the group or the organization/activity.

Two awards, one to a garrison group and one to a tenant activity, will be presented on May 25 by Col. Judith Robinson, Fort Detrick Garrison commander, during the Safety Awareness Day Opening Ceremony at 9 a.m. at the former Rally Point, Bldg.1529.

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