16 February 2011
Fort Detrick's new crane finally arrives
By Nick Minecci
USAG Public Affairs
Fort Detrick's workers have a new tool to make work easier, and help save money with the recently delivered Grove TM500E-2 crane.

"It's been five years trying to get this thing, and I'm happy to finally have it," said Jake Phillips, shop leader for Fort Detrick's roads and grounds, Directorate of Public Works.

"The credit to finally getting this has to go to Col. [Judith] Robinson [Fort Detrick Garrison commander], she talked to Lt. Gen. Lynch, the [Installation Management] commander and he signed off on it. But there were so many people, in Resource Management and other offices that helped this finally get approved," he added.

Phillips said the old crane was purchased in 1972, and Fort Detrick was all one-story buildings at the time. "Now we have these three-story buildings and five-story buildings, and this crane will help us with those," he said. "You never know when we're going to be called to put something on the top of one of those building," he said.

When the old crane broke down, Phillips said his crew had to rent the equipment, costing tens-of-thousands of dollars. "This crane will more than pay for itself, from that standpoint. Plus by having this crane on Fort Detrick we can respond with it 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so if we have an urgent need we don't have to wait for a contractor to get here," he said.

The new crane is capable of lifting 45 tons and can extend to almost 150 feet according to Phillips.
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