29 June 2016
Local Brownie Troop 81500 with soldiers.
Brownie Troop Learns Flag Folding
Lanessa Hill, USAG Public Affairs
Local Brownie Troop 81500 visited Fort Detrick during Retreat on June 14. Troop Leader Gail Johnson wrote an e-mail to Fort Detrick requesting the demonstration; with the intention of giving the girls in her troop the opportunity of observing the protocol of both closing the day during Retreat, as well as watching the correct technique of folding the American flag. Johnson hoped Fort Detrick Soldiers could provide the troop with a brief explanation as to how and why both Retreat and the traditional folding of the American flag are performed.

What Johnson didn’t know is that this particular day, June 14, was also the Army’s 241st birthday and the first day Fort Detrick began firing the cannon to close out the day again; yet another military tradition.

Master Sgt. Aaron Palmer and the other Soldiers on the flag detail gave step-by-step instructions prior to Retreat; including how the flag is lowered, how the flag is folded and finally how the flag is carried inside for storage.

Once 5 o’clock came, the girls held their ears, the cannon was fired and most grinned ear to ear. Hearing the fire of the canon was a first time experience for many of them. With help from the flag detail team, Brownie Troop 81500 members were successful in folding the U.S. flag tight and helping to march it right into storage.
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