29 June 2016
MRMC Medical University Offers Summer First Aid/First Aid Youth Course
Helena Starrs, Special to The Standard
The U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command Medical University offered a Summer CPR/First Aid Youth Course for children nine and older in Building 1520 June 6-10.

Upon completion of the 4-hour course, the participants receive a card, signifying their qualification to preform first aid and CPR on both adults and children.

Danielle and Gabrielle King decided to take the course so they would get hired for a babysitting job. The two sisters and their mother enrolled in the lowest level class because it required no previous knowledge on the topics of CPR and first aid.

“I offer the course at different levels, so this is for a late rescuer level,” explained Joseph Ogershok, the certified emergency medical technician teaching the course. “I also offer it at the healthcare provider level, as well as an even more advanced level which is for the healthcare provider, but its advanced cardiac life support.”

The courses, offered at Fort Detrick three to four times a month, are available to everyone, regardless of age; emphasizing that if you are big enough to push down, you are old enough to perform CPR and first aid.

“We find that most nine year-olds are big enough to do compressions,” said Ogershok.

“[The course is helpful because] you learn a lot and you get all your training done in one day,” remarked Danielle on the benefits of enrolling in the course.

Becoming certified in first aid and CPR is an important qualification to have as it allows non-medical professionals the opportunity to save a life in emergency situations.

“I have a father who is a senior citizen,” said Wendee Bitto on why it’s crucial that she become CPR certified. “I also have a place along the river in Pennsylvania away from the hospital. [I just want] to be more informed on things I need to do in case of an emergency.”
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