26 July 2013
Attractant or No Attractant? That is the Question for Researchers at Forest Glen Annex

By Lanessa Hill, USAG PAO

Trapping mosquitoes will soon be the focus for some researchers at the Forest Glen Annex. Researchers from the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Vector Control Department will be placing multiple mosquito traps around the installation to determine species and count the numbers collected.

The U.S. Army already uses these approved traps, which will be lit during the evenings and hung from trees. According to George Peck, Entomology Branch at WRAIR, some traps will have an approved attractant added while others will not.

The study will allow Peck and others to compare the numbers collected by traps with attractants and without. Testing will occur July through October 2013, weeknights and once to twice weekly.

The Entomology Branch is in the Department of Vector Control. This branch develops and tests vector control products to include vector (mosquitoes) traps, vector repellents, vector attractants, and other vector control methods.

Posted by PAO

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