Fort Detrick
Sergeant Audie Murphy Club

Command Sergeant Major
810 Schreider Street
Fort Detrick, Maryland 21702-5000
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Sergeant Audie Murphy Club

SGT Audie Murphy Club Board Advice

First, understand that this advice is my personal opinion. It worked for me, and has worked for others, but you must decide what you need to do yourself.


You should, at very least, be able to answer all of the questions on this page, and be extremely familiar with the references on my Study pages.

Use regulations, field manuals, and soldier training publications as your primary references for the subject areas. There are errors or outdated information in every study guide that I have checked out, and I have reviewed those that has been sold through AAFES in the last 10 years. Bottom line--don't spend $29.00 for something that is there for free. Additionally, you will find that some members of the board frown on the use of study manuals as your primary source, (Even if some of them pull their questions from them). I recommend that you personally visit each family/soldier support agency (AER, ACS, Chaplain, BOSS, EFMP, etc.) on your installation. You will probably find that you are not the first person preparing for the SAMC board to come to them asking for an overview of the installation-specific operations. This will give you the exact location and procedures for the specific offices, as well as points of contact and phone numbers. Put them in your leader book.


You should be prepared to explain:

  • Why you feel you should be inducted into the SAMC?
  • Why you want to become a member of the SAMC?
  • What you feel you will contribute to the organization?
  • What qualities of yours are similar to those of Audie Murphy?

You should be prepared to give a brief background of yourself and you may consider covering the following:

  • Your family
  • Military Service-assignments, duty positions, education, achievements (Don't be shy, they have this information available to them, but it also gives them an opportunity to check out your ability to express yourself — lack of confidence kills, but arrogance destroys, so find the middle ground)
  • Civilian Education
  • Community Service
  • Short and Long Term Goals

Be prepared to answer situational questions. I have included a few. I have not included the answers. You must decide what the answers should be.

  • Why do you feel we (our installation) get so many DUIs?
  • What would you recommend we do to reduce the number of DUIs?
  • You have a SSG assigned as your subordinate. He and his wife are out at a local recreation area fishing, and he has been drinking alcohol. On the way home, he gets stopped and gets a DUI. He has been a stellar performer and takes excellent care of his soldiers. You are now making your recommendation to your BN CDR on your recommendation for punishment under the UCMJ. What is your recommendation?
  • Now, this same SSG and his wife have been fishing. He has been drinking alcohol, but she has not. She is the designated driver. However, she gets bitten by a poisonous snake. He gets a DUI while rushing her to the hospital. What would your recommendation be now?

You should be prepared to recite the NCO Creed.