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The Fort Detrick Police Department is glad you stopped by. Here you will find helpful information on ways to safeguard your property and your life. While Fort Detrick is a very safe place to live and raise a family, crime can an does happen. To help prevent crime, the Fort Detrick Police must work together with households and businesses to inform and educate the community on the many ways to prevent becoming victim of crime.

Most studies and polls show that the fear of crime ranks as one of the chief concerns of citizens. This concern can be healthy if it leads to positive steps to reduce the chance that you will be victimized. This web page is intended to help you to be smart and to be prepared. At the same time, unjustified fear can become introduction , here are some facts we should all know about crime today.

  • The crimes we all fear the most are crimes of violence, but those are the ones that happen the least.
  • Most murders and assaults are committed by relative , friends or acquaintance as the result of a dispute, not by strangers.
  • Older people are not victimized to a greater extent than the rest of the population, with a few exceptions, such as purse snatching.
  • The most frequent crimes are property crimes, and they are most likely to happen when you are away. You can help reduce the risk by following the steps outlined on this page.

These facts are generally consistent in all research. They suggest that people need not live with a paralyzing fear of crime. They also suggest that each of us can deal with the situation intelligently by taking steps to reduce the opportunity for crime at our home and in the way we live.

Before we consider methods of reducing opportunity, let's look at typical criminals . They probably are not accomplished professionals. Rather, they are amateurs or, perhaps, what we might term skilled amateurs, probably young. These amateurs are going to be looking around for an easy opportunity to get something of value in the easiest possible way. Thus, the greater opportunity we present and the easier we make it, the more we increase the chance it will happen to us.

Crime prevention is the practice of spotting criminal opportunities and then doing something to reduce or eliminate those opportunities in increasing the time, visibility or noise factors, the more we are going to discourage him/her from selecting our residence as a target in the first place. Thus, we can discourage the thief by being smart enough to reduce being prepared.

If you have any questions, call the Fort Detrick Police Department at 301-619-7114.


We, the Fort Detrick Police Department, are committed to providing the highest quality of police services by empowering our members and the community to work in partnership with the goal of improving the quality of life in Fort Detrick, while at the same time, maintaining respect for individual rights and human dignity.

Fort Detrick Gate Operations


Linden Lane gate will be closed to incoming traffic.

All employees and visitors will enter the installation through the Brookville gate, which will remain open 24 hours a day.

Visitors and employees may exit at either the Brookville or Linden gates.


The hours of operational gates will be reduced.

Opossumtown gate - 6:30-8:30 a.m., Monday thru Friday to inbound and outbound traffic. 3:30-5:30 p.m., Monday thru Friday, open to Exit Traffic Only

Veterans gate - open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m.-6 p.m. with an approved change of extended hours for OUTBOUND Vehicle and INBOUND/OUTBOUND Pedestrian Traffic until 8 p.m., Monday through Friday. Closed on Weekends and Holidays

Rosemont gate continues to be open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m.-6 p.m. Closed on Weekends and Holidays

Old Farm gate will operate as the only 24-hour gate. Visitors to Fort Detrick still enter through the Old Farm gate.

Individuals with proper Department of Defense identification can enter either through Rosemont, Veterans or Old Farm gates.

Fort Detrick Traffic Code

Fort Detrick Regulation 190-5 [PDF]

Summary. This regulation prescribes policies and procedures for the registration of privately-owned vehicles (POV's) and the safe and legal operation of all vehicles, both privately-owned and military, when on Fort Detrick property, and specifies conduct subject to enforcement through administrative or judicial forums.

Applicability. This regulation applies to owners and operators of privately-owned vehicles, having a valid need to drive their vehicles on Fort Detrick property.

Community Policing:

Community Policing

Community Policing is defined as partnership between the police and the community , working together with other government agencies to identify crime related problems and concerns, determine their root causes a implement innovative solutions which will permanently reduce or eliminate the problem issues, or concerns utilizing traditional and traditional means. The goal of Community Policing is to enhance the quality of life for all citizens. In an attempt to make ourselves more accessible we have developed and trained officers as bike patrol officers. The bike patrol program will enable our officers to take another approach to serving the Detrick community.

Law Enforcement Explorer Post #1218

Law Enforcement Explorer Post patch

Fort Detrick Representative
Phone: 301-619-6281

Senior Post Advisor: Cpt. Gary Morton
Phone: 301-631-3644

Explorer Post meetings: Every other Tuesday evening, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. at the Frederick County Law Enforcement Center.

Frederick County Law Enforcement Explorer Post #1218 took first place for the second year in a row in the state-wide Law Enforcement Day Competition. The event is hosted by the Military and Police Interest Club at Calvert Hall College in Towson, MD. The post was represented by, Explorer Lt. Aaron Bowen, Explorer Sgt. Christopher Bennett, Explorer Cpl. Gregory Morton, Explorer Cpl. Anthony Fritz (alternate) and Explorer First Class Kevin Riffle. The police vehicles used in the competition were provided by the Maryland Transportation Authority Police.

The Explorer post is a career-oriented program for young men and women, chartered though the Frederick County Sheriff's Office and supported by the Fort Detrick & Thurmont Police Departments. The program provides young people the opportunity to "Explore" the criminal justice system and careers in law enforcement through hand-on training and class room lecture. The Explorer program in open to all youths between 14 and 21 years of age interested in a law enforcement or criminal justice career. Those interested can contact Fort Detrick's Representative, Detective Richard Sherbert at 301-619-6281, or Cpt. Gary Morton at 301-631-3644.


Site Helpers


Project Childsafe

Project Childsafe

PMO participats in "Project Childsafe". This is a program to provide a free gunlocks for the Fort Detrick Community. Stop by the PMO and ask for a gun lock.


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