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Fort Detrick Color Guard Request Form


Purpose: This form is used to request all Armed Forces Color/Honor Guard participation in public events. The information is required to evaluate the event for appropriateness and compliance with DoD policies and for coordination with the units involved. Please complete all sections.

Event support is determined on a selective, case by case basis and is subject to availability, personnel requirements and compliance with Army regulations. Color Guard support is not authorized for events for commercial enterprises, religious organizations, or political activities.

Section I - Event Data

Date of Event

Note: Requests must be made at least 8 weeks (56 days) prior to the event.

Time of Event

The time required to support the event, including travel time, cannot exceed four hours.
(Use Military Time i.e., 0800)

Start:   Finish:

Title of Event:

Address of Event


State:     Zip:

Expected Attendance:

Site of Event

(i.e., Park, Auditorium, etc.)

NOTE: This site must be accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities.


(Describe program theme and objective, audience size and civic makeup, and the purpose of Armed Forces Participation.)

Have Other Armed Forces Units Been Requested To Support This Event?
(If so, specify.)

Is There Any Charge?
(i.e., admission, parking, etc. If so, specify.)

Is This Event Being Used To Raise Funds For Any Purpose?
(If so, specify.)

Will Admission, Seating, And All Other Accommodations And Facilities Connected With This Event Be Available To All Persons Without Regard To Race, Creed, Color, Sex Or National Origin?

Yes   No

Referral Code (optional):

Section II - Sponsoring Organization Data

Name Of Sponsoring Organization

Sponsor's Representative


Primary Phone:

Secondary Phone:


State:    Zip:

Fax No.: 

E-Mail Address:

Section III - Sponsoring Organization Support Data

Is The Sponsoring Organization A Civic Organization?

Yes   No

Does The Event Have The Official Backing Of The Local Government?

Yes   No

Does The Sponsoring Organization Exclude Any Person From Its Membership Or Practice Any Form Of Discrimination In Its Functions Based On Race, Creed, Color, Sex Or National Origin?

Yes   No

Does the sponsor agree to fund the standard Military Services allowance for meals, quarters, and incidental expenses for Armed Forces participants?

Yes   No   N/A

Does the sponsor agree to fund transportation, meals, and hotel accommodations for unit representatives to visit the site prior to the event?

Yes   No   N/A

Does the sponsor agree to fund transportation costs from home station to the event and return for Armed Forces participants?

Yes   No   N/A

Does the sponsor agree to fund transportation costs for Armed Forces participants between the site of the event and the hotel?

Yes   No   N/A

Does the sponsor agree to provide telephone access for necessary official communications at the site of the event?

Yes   No


I am acting on behalf of the sponsoring organization and certify that the information provided above is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that representatives from the military services will contact me to discuss arrangements and costs involved prior to final commitments, or to inform me of their inability to support this event. I also understand that operational commitments must take priority and can preclude a scheduled appearance at an approved public activity.

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