Fort Detrick
Plans, Analysis, and Integration Office (PAIO)

Detrick TBL w/CoinThe PAIO (Plans) is the Garrison Commander's focal point for strategy and management planning. The PAIO provides oversight of assigned programs; conducts analytical reviews; monitors Army baseline standards; captures and enables implementation of best business practices; and identifies, tracks, and orchestrates reporting of performance measures. The PAIO is also responsible for maintaining situational awareness of external influences and trends that may impact the Garrison, Installation, and Community.

Points of Contact

Position Phone

Chief 301-619-1938

Admin Officer 301-619-1171

Sustainable Strategic Planning

Sustainable Strategic Planner 301-619-0616

Performance Excellence Integrator 301-619-9749

Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications Specialist 301-619-6735

Management Analysis

Management Analyst (ISR) 301-619-8786

Management Analyst (LSS) 301-619-3250

Customer Service

Customer Service Coordinator 301-619-0646

Site Helpers


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