30 August 2017
SCHOOL BUS INFORMATION due to Road work between First Flight and W. Fagan
Due to the road construction on Fort Detrick, bus stops for the coming school year had to be temporarily altered.

Children who normally board bus F20 at W. Fagan can either walk to the stop at First Flight and board their normal bus, F20, or they can walk to the bus stop at the corner or E. Huff and ride bus F06 or F21.
Bus F20 arrives at First Flight 2-3 minutes before it was scheduled to arrive at W. Fagan. All the buses can accommodate your children but please be aware that some of the bus trips are to certain schools so please see below:

Bus:F06 Time:6:48 Stop:Ditto & E. Huff School:to Frederick High
Bus:F06 Time:2:40 Stop:Ditto & E. Huff School:from Frederick High

Bus:F06 Time:7:29 Stop:Ditto & E. Huff School:to West Frederick Middle
Bus:F06 Time:3:19 Stop:Ditto & E. Huff School:from West Frederick Middle

Bus:F21 Time:8:23 Stop:Ditto & E. Huff School:to Whittier Elementary
Bus:F21 Time:4:15 Stop:Ditto & E. Huff School:from Whittier Elementary

If you have questions please contact Linda at 301-619-3247. If she can't answer your question she will refer you to FCPS Transportation.
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24 August 2017
Annual Steam Outage
The annual maintenance program for the steam distribution system and building hot water systems is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m., Friday, September 22, 2017. To accomplish the mission, it is necessary to shut down the steam throughout the installation served by the Central Boiler Plant. Steam will be turned back on, following completion of scheduled work, at 4 p.m., Sunday, September 24, 2017.

Due to this outage, there will be no steam or hot water to the following buildings from 4 p.m. Friday, September 22, 2017 until 4 p.m. on Sunday, September 24, 2017 in the following buildings: 199, 263, 374, 375, 393, 568, 949, 1054, 1301 , 1412, and 1425. Distilled water will be limited.

There may be additional outages for individual buildings, or small groups of buildings, during the normal work week or on weekends in the future. These outages will be coordinated with the building managers in advance of the outages. For more information call (301)-619-0399.
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Painting at Balfour Beatty
Detrick Homes/Balfour Beatty began a large scale exterior painting project in the Catoctin View and Monocacy Meadows neighborhoods on Aug. 7. The project is expected to continue for three months and will consist of the repair, preparation, and painting of exterior siding and trim components of all previously painted surfaces.

The Balfour Beatty Communities Renovations Safety Plan will enforce the safety and personal injury prevention plan and appropriate precautions will be taken to clearly demarcate active construction areas.

What this means to residents:
1. Prior to painting your home move any belongings on patios (front and back) away from the home. Perhaps place in your garage.
2. Vehicles cannot be parked in the driveway.
3. HVAC in your home may be interrupted for a brief period of time while painting is done around the heat pump outside of your home.
4. Residents need to make an effort to protect your own privacy (close curtains/blinds).
5. Individuals and specific arrangements will be made with residents for painting of exterior doors (doors will need to be left open for a drying period).
Regular communications will occur during the project. Questions can be addressed khowell@bbcgrp.com.
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Road Closure - UPDATE
1. Doughten Drive between First Flight Court and West Fagan Street will be closed to install a water drainage pipe and was expected to be complete by Aug. 28. Due to crews encountering a great amount of rock, the project has been extended and the road closure is extended until Sept. 18.

2. Beasley Drive- A portion of Beasley Drive between Hamilton Street and Ware Drive will be sectioned off on Sept. 5 and 6 for trenching activity. The area will be marked by soft, traffic barriers and drivers should adjust their driving patterns in accordance.

Road Construction

Amber Drive- Construction on the new portion of Amber Drive from Ditto Avenue to Army Avenue and will continue for two weeks.
This will require a period of time when there is only on lane traffic passing Ditto Avenue while the work is being performed. The contractor will take special efforts so that at least one lane can be left open during the daily construction hours of 7:00 am to 5 pm. At night the roadway will be opened for two lanes of traffic. Proper direction and safety measures will be in place.
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22 August 2017
Gold Star Family Recognition Day
Sept. 27, 1 p.m.
Fort Detrick, Nallin Pond

Survivor Outreach Services will be hosting a memorial balloon release for our Gold Star Mothers and Surviving Family Members.

For more information call (301) 619?6364/3249.
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Child Seat Safety Inspections and Installation Now Available
The Directorate of Emergency Services has staff Child Passenger Safety Certified.

To set up a time to have a child car seat installed or inspected please contact (301) 619?4764.
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09 January 2017
Beginning January 23, 2017 the Montgomery County RIDE ON bus servicing Forest Glen Annex will no longer make multiple stops throughout the installation. This is necessary to ensure compliance with access control regulatory requirements. RIDE ON will drop all authorized riders at the Brookville Gate Vehicle Inspection Point location where they will exit the bus at the VIP to show approved identification before proceeding to their designated places of work. Adjust your commute time accordingly. Commanders and supervisors please work with your employees to ensure any special requirements are met.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation in making our post a safer place.
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