09 September 2016
Visual Information: DAPMIS and AR 640-30
Visual Information: DAPMIS and AR 640-30
New technical changes were deployed to DAPMIS on July 1, 2016. These changes limit the requirement to provide a SSN during the photo session and eliminates the display of the SSN on the photograph. Soldiers must bring their CAC to the photo appointment. The Soldier’s DoD ID number, listed on the back of CAC, is required for the photo session.

All other procedures remain as is. The DAPMIS URL for photographers has changed to https://dapmis.hrc.army.mil. For detailed instructions on the new changes visit https://www.hrc.army.mil/content/DA%20Photo%20-%20DAPMIS. There you will find a user guide, FAQ, and instructions for customers. The new changes to Army Regulation AR 640-30, Photographs for Military Human Resources, are expected to be published by September 2016.
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