Network Enterprise Center

1422 Sultan Drive
Fort Detrick, MD 21702

Computer Help Desk: 866-335-ARMY (866-335-2769)
Telephone Trouble Desk: 301-619-2504
Phone: 855-307-4713 / Email

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Network Infrastructure Division

The Network Infrastructure Branch (NIB) is responsible for managing, maintaining, monitoring and improving the Fort Detrick network. The branch extends network services across the entirety of Fort Detrick to include Area "A", "B", "C", Forest Glen and other off campus areas. The NIB performs Tier 2 and Tier 3 troubleshooting, performance analysis, install and maintenance, wireless services, and design/architecture for the ICAN and Data Center environments. It is the responsibility of this branch to provide a high level of availability and a quality service across the network to all Fort Detrick customers.

The NIB is responsible for maintaining all Army and DoD guidelines to ensure a controlled and secure network environment.

Voice Branch (VB)

The Voice Branch provides official telephone, radio spectrum management, non-tactical radio, and transmission systems services for all authorized Fort Detrick organizations, both on and off post. Specific telephony services include; for-official-use commercial and government-owned local and long haul telecommunications, all telephones with 301 prefixes, all government-owned outside cables and telecommunications facilities. Specific wireless services include; management of all FCCO radio spectrum authorizations, non-tactical land mobile radios and infrastructure, radio repeaters, microwave systems, communications towers, and satellite communications.

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"Was having issues with network access half of the problem was on my end with improper documentation. once the paper work was handled The local NEC at Fort Detrick was called and within 24hours ticket was completed. I then received a call to verify account access was established and technician stayed on phone to ensure no further problems arouse."

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