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Enterprise Systems Division

The Enterprise Systems Division (ESD) consists of three functional Branches that are responsible for all IT Server, Systems, Desktop workstations and Customer Management service delivery on Fort Detrick and to several of our Local Network Enterprise Center (LNEC) partners. The Division provides advanced user services such as server and system administrator support, desktop, hardware, software, data back-up/restore and management, 24 x 7 Executive VIP support, secure and non-secure network access, data base management, account management, web management and a secure data center that also provides Enterprise Hosting. Dependable network systems and computer support with enhanced security layers is provided to assist with both the physical and virtual hardware/software maintenance to the end users.

Database Administration Services

We develop, field, and support database applications. This includes tasks such as database builds, reorganizations, maintenance, tuning, backups, restorations and query design. We perform file transfers (using file transfer protocol [FTP]), loads, downloads, data file manipulation, data archiving, coordination, familiarization, and implementation of actions required. We perform tasks across the entire database lifecycle: the installation, configuration, and management of database instances, schemas and related servers including performance monitoring, troubleshooting, data related reporting and security configuring in compliance with latest RMF/CCRI standards.

We consistently and proactively implement latest STIG guidelines and have recently been touted by CCRI and RMF auditors as having one of the most secure and well implemented STIG implementation systems. Related tasks to this achievement include Ad Hoc and scheduled patching to meet IAVA compliance standards within required timeframes. In addition, thorough examination of quarterly checklists from DISA are common practice which results in all required documents being generated with configuration changes tested, approved and implemented in a timely manner.

Our staff has experience supporting Microsoft SQL Server services including SSRS and SSIS, as well as Oracle and related products such as Business Intelligence and Weblogic.

Systems Support

The Systems Support Division strives to maintain excellent customer service and satisfaction while providing C4IM services that meet mission support and sustainment requirements for each mission partner on the installation.

Systems Support provides the following services:

  • Provides core systems support which includes active directory and group policy support, server application support, operating system security, print and file services, redundancy support, and growth capacity.
  • Provides data storage space to Fort Detrick organizations for mission required shared documents and files.
  • Provides data and system integrity, security, and quality through the use of security software, data backup, access control, and monitoring.
  • Staying current with the latest technology to include operating systems, software, system utilities, and virtualization (server and desktop).

Web Services


The NEC Web Services team develops and maintains interactive, robust web sites that meet our client's needs, while maintaining standards compliance with Department of Defense, Army, and OPSEC regulations and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

From public facing presences to internal customized database-driven applications, the Web Services team can leverage their wide range of skillsets and programming languages to build web sites and applications that meet or exceed expectations.

Whether your need is for a new host for an existing site, a technology refresh for a tired site that needs new life, or a customized application built from scratch, the Web Services team can work with you to build, host, and deliver sites and applications that engage, inform, and deliver efficiency for your customers.

Some of our clients include:

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