Network Enterprise Center

1422 Sultan Drive
Fort Detrick, MD 21702

Computer Help Desk: 866-335-ARMY (866-335-2769)
Telephone Trouble Desk: 301-619-2504
Phone: 855-307-4713 / Email

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Cyber Security Division

The Fort Detrick NEC Cyber Security (CS) Division is responsible for the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) of Ft. Detrick information systems and networks connected to the global information grid (GiG).

Responsibilities include:

  • Oversight and responsibility for network security and computer network defense.
  • Advises the Commanding General and Approving Official (AO) on all aspects of cyber security.
  • Supports the Ft. Detrick mission partners for all installation cyber security activities and maintains the unclassified & classified site Risk Management Framework (RMF) accreditation.
  • Installation focal point for incident response (IR).
  • Protects and defends the network by developing, implementing, and enforcing policy and compliance standards.

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