Fort Detrick
Military Personnel Division (MPD)

MPD Hours
Monday-Wednesday and Friday 0800-1630
Thursday 0900-1630

ID Card Section Hours
Monday-Wednesday and Friday 0800-1530
Thursday 0900-1530
- ID Card & CAC Appointment Scheduler

Community Support Center
Bldg. 1520, Room 139A, Freedman Drive
Telephone: 301-619-7311

MPD Services

The MPD provides military personnel support services to all Army units assigned to Fort Detrick. The division also provides identification cards and Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System updates for all military service members, active duty, Reserve component, retirees, and their family members.

The office also provides identification cards to Fort Detrick civilian employees and contractor personnel. Veterans Affairs benefits counseling is available to all military service members and their families one day of the month. Please call extension 301-619-7311 for an appointment.


Soldiers must come to the MPD located in the Community Support Center, 1520 Freedman Drive, Room 139A, to pick up the Installation In-processing Checklist. The sponsor is responsible for escorting the new arrival to the various agencies for in-processing. When reporting to MPD, the Soldier should bring a duty position memorandum, permanent-change-of-station orders, military personnel file, medical, dental, and education records.

Reassignment Processing

Soldiers being reassigned to other installations must attend a mandatory reassignment briefing coordinated by the Reassignment Section. During that time, the process is explained, and representatives from each agency involved in assisting Soldiers in relocating (i.e. ACS, Transportation, Legal, TriCare, Barquist Medical) will present a briefing.


The MPD also manages the out processing of Soldiers as they are PCSing or separating from services.

Note: All MPD services are provided by appointment with the exception of In-processing and ID card services:

  • Soldiers (E6 and below) are required to make an appointment through their unit personnel office.
  • Soldiers (E7 and above) also require an appointment; however, they may call the MPD staff directly.

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