Industrial Hygiene

Fort Detrick
Industrial Hygiene & Environmental Health Office

Military Family

Environmental Sanitation Programs

  • Food Sanitation
  • Food Service Inspections
  • Foodborne Outbreak Investigations
  • Food Service Sanitation Instruction
  • Detention Facility Sanitation
  • Barber/Beauty Shop Sanitation
  • Child/Youth Center Sanitation
  • Family Child Care Sanitation
  • Pool & Recreational Area Sanitation
  • Technical Advisor to Installation for Special Events/Activities

Water Quality Programs

  • Monitors water quality at recreational and pool facilities
  • Oversees installation drinking water programs

Vector/Pest Survey Programs

  • Mosquito Surveillance

Climatic Injury Prevention Programs

  • WBGT Operations
  • Heat/Cold Stress Training

Other Programs

On-site support to supported units in areas relating to annual Field Sanitation training requirements

Stopping Transmission of Respiratory Infectious Diseases Easily

Site Helpers