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Family Advocacy Program (FAP)

Phone: 301-619-7171/7453
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Community Support Center
1520 Freedman Drive
Fort Detrick, Maryland 21702

Hours: Monday - Friday: 0800-1700

About the Family Advocacy Program (FAP)

FAP is located in the Community Support Center, Bldg. 1520, Freedman Drive. The program is dedicated to spousal and child abuse prevention, education, prompt reporting, investigation, intervention and treatment. FAP provides a variety of services to Soldiers and families to enhance their relationship skills and improve their quality of life.


New Parent Support Program

Phone: 301-619-0323

The NPSP provides support to families through a comprehensive combination of services for parents of children prenatal to three years of age including parent education programs, home visits, and linkage to community resources. Services are aimed at enhancing parent and infant bonding, increasing parents' knowledge of child development, and providing a support for parents to become nurturing and capable caregivers.

The NPSP staff consists a registered nurse who provides in-home parenting education, support, and resource linkage.

Prevention Education

Provides classes on a wide array of topics, which include: anger management, couples communication, internet safety for children, co-parenting education, and more.

Check the Community Calendar for upcoming workshops.

Individual Guidance

One-on-one education to address specific parenting concerns.

Signs of an Abusive Relationship


Barquist Army Health Clinic
Phone: 301-619-8074/6033

Individual, marital, family counseling is available for military families who are involved in an incident of abuse or are at-risk for abuse.

Respite care

Phone: 301-619-7453

Provides short-term child care for parents who are experiencing high levels of stress and/or are receiving treatment services with FAP.


A fun and social environment for parents, childcare providers, and children. Join us at the Balfour Beatty Neighborhood Center, Catoctin View from 1015-1115 on Fridays.

Lending Library

A wide array of videos, audio cassette tapes and books on parenting and relationship issues may be borrowed.

Women's Empowerment Group (WEG)

An educational support group offered to women who are currently experiencing or have experienced domestic violence and wish to overcome obstacles which prevent self sufficiency. The group is held weekly with exercises and education on domestic violence. Women will have a safe place to discuss their concerns and network. Please call: 301-619-7415/0314 for further information.

Victim Advocacy Program

Address: 1520 Freedman Drive, Fort Detrick, MD 21702
Telephone: 301-619-7415/0314
24/7 Hotline: 301-514-9544
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 0730-1630

Visit the Victim Advocacy Program webpage.

Transitional Compensation Program

Phone: 301-619-7453

The Transitional Compensation (TC) Program is a congressionally authorized program for abused family members of military personnel. Legislation authorizes temporary payments for families in which the active-duty Soldier has been separated administratively or by court-martial for a dependent-abuse offense.

The TC Program offers benefits and entitlements from 12 to 36 months for eligible family members. During this benefit period, beneficiaries are provided temporary financial compensation and are eligible to receive medical care, including behavioral health services as TRICARE beneficiaries. Recipients will also have commissary and exchange privileges during this period. Family members must apply through their local family advocacy program manager.

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