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Snow Removal Procedures

Local radio stations and Post "Telenews" 301-619-7611 will broadcast post closings due to snow and ice by 0600. Snow removal is performed in phases:

Phase I

Snow Removal

When snow begins the Directorate of Installation Services (DIS) will start salting the main streets. After two inches have accumulated, DIS will plow the streets until the snow stops. DIS crews work around the clock until the job is finished. Any car parked or stalled on a posted snow emergency route will be removed so that the road may be plowed.

Snow and ice control is not a substitute for cautious and defensive driving. Please practice safe driving procedures when operating a vehicle under winter conditions.

The parking lots will not be plowed until the snow stops, with those buildings that have 24-hour shifts plowed first.

Phase I streets and installation emergency facilities will be plowed as follows:

  1. Porter Street from building 201 (Directorate of Installation Services) to building 1671 (1110th U .S. Army Signal Battalion) including building 1504 (Fire Station/Provost Marshall), building 1425 (USAMRIID).
  2. Veterans Gate (main gate)
  3. Old Farm Gate
  4. O'possummtown Gate
  5. Rosemont Avenue gate
  6. Ditto Avenue from Porter Street to building 1301
  7. Beasley Drive
  8. Building 190 (Boiler Plant) (access routes for fuel tank trucks)
  9. Lot behind NCI-FCRDC building 362, snow crew staging area
  10. Building 375 (Steam Sterilization Plant)
  11. Building 426 (NCI-FCRDC Protective Services)
  12. Building 1021-1049 (NCI-FCRDC Animal Farm)
  13. Buildings 1652 and 1654 (USAMRIID Animal Farm)
  14. Building 810 parking areas
  15. USAG Motor Pool gas pumps on Sultan Street
  16. Building 1776 parking areas

Phase II

Commanders, Directors, Chiefs of Separate Offices, Special and Personal Staffs, and the National Cancer Institute will maintain their respective sidewalks and entrances. They must remove snow and apply salt to their assigned buildings. It is their responsibility to ensure adequate salt supply is stored in ice control salt cans. Two exceptions are Headquarters, Building 810, and the Child Development Center. DIS will clear the main sidewalks and steps of these facilities.

Families in housing are responsible for their porches, sidewalks and parking spaces. If time allows DIS will make a courtesy pass on main sidewalks and parking spaces.

Phase II streets and parking lots that will be plowed are as follows:

  1. Bullene Drive
  2. Stark Street
  3. Doughten Drive
  4. Ditto Avenue from building 1301 to Housing Area
  5. All secondary streets within the Housing Areas
  6. Ware Drive
  7. Road between 527 and 568 leading to building 567 receiving room
  8. Sultan Drive
  9. Parking lot adjacent to buildings T-915 and T-830
  10. Parking lot between building 1430 and 1425
  11. Parking lot adjacent to building 350 and Ware Drive
  12. Parking lot between buildings 539 and 550
  13. Porter Street to helicopter pad
  14. 1110TH U. S. Army Signal Battalion main parking lot
  15. Parking areas adjacent to building 1422 and 1423
  16. All other NCI-FCRDC areas
  17. Flair U.S. Army Reserve Center Facility and Building 1270 A/F
  18. Sidewalks from Phase I and II parking areas to buildings

Phase III

Phase III streets and parking areas that will be plowed are as follows:

  1. Parking lot adjacent to building 1500
  2. Parking lot adjacent to building 703
  3. Patient parking lot at building 1425
  4. Parking lot access from building T -838
  5. Parking lot at building 1301
  6. Parking lot at building 426
  7. All roads not identified in phase I and II
  8. Water plant, Wastewater plant and USAMRIID Area B buildings
  9. Sidewalks from phase III parking areas to buildings

Phase IV

  1. All parking lots not identified in Phases II or III
  2. Sidewalks parallel to roads sidewalks will be cleaned within Phase IV


  • If you need assistance with a valid medical emergency call the Provost Marshall's Office at 301-619-7114.
  • Any streets you think may have been overlooked can be called in to the Trouble Desk 301-619-2726 during normal duty hours or 301-619-2669 after duty hours. The National cancer Institute is responsible for snow removal on all sidewalks located on NCI property.
  • Fort Detrick Mission Partners are responsible for snow removal on all sidewalks from their facilities to parking lots and/or common sidewalks.

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